Other applications of lubrication

Next to the lubrication of chains, bearings, width adjustments and gears of stenter frames, of course there are further application areas in textile industry and in other industry sectors where our oils and greases are used.

Therefore we have available different lubrication solutions for knitting-, spinning- and preparation machines (see download below), as well as for other machines used for the textile production.
So, for example we can offer a wide range of knitting oils for circular knitting machines and hydraulic oils.

The innovative KnittTex–knitting oils have established their reputation on the market - not least because they are especially developed for the use with Groz-Beckert-circular knitting needles. These oils have an excellent lubrication effect besides a very good washability at the same time.

Beyond the textile machinery sector we are offering a variety of lubricants which are applicable in many other manufacturing branches. So e.g. we are successfully represented also in the food- and pharmaceutical industry (see below for brochure) with our greases and oils with FD-label, in the cement industry or in the area of wind power plants for already many years.

Please do not hesitate contacting us. To generate our quotation as precisely as possible please add information regarding the application area with the environmental impacts.

Under below standing download-links we provide you our lubrication brochures for Spinning-/ Preparation machines as well as for the food- and pharmaceutical industry:


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