Lubrication of width adjustment system

The lubrication of the width adjustment for e.g. textile machinery always requires that the chosen lubricant can resist heavy loads at low rotational speeds.

Our MolybDry TL5 Spray is especially developed for this condition. This dry lubricant on MoS2 –base can be easily applicated with the help of a spray can. While spraying it on the spindle nuts of the width adjustment it forms an immediately drying lubricating film which can resist high temperatures and heavy loads. On this film the width adjustment can work under minimal attrition which reduces the maintenance costs significantly.
Additionally for the lubrication of the width adjustment gears we can offer a variety of different fluid greases of our STRONGANA und STURGIS series.

The lubricants mentioned here are only a little fraction of the possible products of our portfolio to be used. Moreover these products are also applicable in other machine components. For that see the other applications.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us. To generate our quotation as precisely as possible please add information regarding the application area with the environmental impacts.

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