Lubrication of bearings

For the lubrication of ball bearings for textile machinery we provide our high-temperature grease DURATA HT 56-02. This grease is meant for the long-time lubrication and resists the permanent high temperatures of the dryer without any problem. Furthermore we can offer a variety of greases e.g. of our STRONGANA-series which are suitable for a special type of bearing dependent on the rotational speed of the bearing.
The high quality of our products for the long-time lubrication increases the lubrication periods and reduces the maintenance costs. Therefore you make the best choice with lubricants of our product line.

The lubricants mentioned here are only a little fraction of the possible products of our portfolio to be used. Moreover these products are also applicable in other machine components. For that see the other applications.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us. To generate our quotation as precisely as possible please add information regarding the application area with the environmental impacts.

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