Our products can be used for several applications in different industry sectors.

With the Know How from the industry field of textile machinery we have perfected our product portfolio for stenter frames.
Regarding the transport chains of textile finishing machines for example there are three different lubrication spots and every spot needs one different lubricant. Of course we have all these products available.

These products can resist even high temperatures and various working processes.

Besides our products which are suitable for the lubrication of bearings, width adjustment systems and gears for textile stenter frames we also offer lubrication solutions for knitting-, spinning- and preparation machines, as well as for other machines used for the textile production. Further, in the field of wind engines, food-, pharmaceutical- and cement industry there are multiple lubrication points for which we can provide the adequate lubricant of our product range.

In the following we provide you our lubrication brochure as well as the new iNTERSPARE Lubricants Leaflet for textile industry in the area of stenter frames as a download:

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