In 2003 Mr. Carsten Kalek, Mr. Dierk Lampe and Mr. Dirk Polchow founded the company Interspare Lubricants GmbH. Additionally Mr. Kalek and Mr. Polchow are the CEO’s of the company Interspare GmbH since 1994. Interspare is manufacturer of textile finishing machines of the brands Artos and Krantz and is moreover offering upgradings, spare parts and the service for existing machines of several brands.

With the foundation of the company Interspare Lubricants the owners wanted to complete the product range of the company Interspare. The already existing network as well as the existing Know-How were combined with each other in an optimal way so that the company could have developed itself continuously. Now it is possible to serve the customers with everything they need from one location and with one common company philosophy. Over the years the products were brought to perfection. Furthermore the company is now specialized on certain essential products in supplement to the Interspare product range.

Today Interspare Lubricants is a well-known supplier of lubrications and has its fix position in the market.

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