Lubrication of chains

Regarding our products for the lubrication of chains, e.g. for textile machinery, there are mainly three different lubricant- types which are in use in our customer’s machines.

For this application our high-temperature chain oils, like the PREMIUM HT OIL and the PREMIUM HT PLUS OIL, are especially developed for the lubrication of the attrition pairing of bolt and bushing of transport chains and other chain parts under high temperature influences.
A further component of a different chain type is the ball bearing which is lubricated with the DURATA HT 56-02 high-temperature grease. The MolybDry TL 5 Spray is applicable in the chain rails and on every other sliding part related to the chain.

The lubricants mentioned here are only a little fraction of the possible products of our portfolio to be used. Moreover these products are also applicable in other machine components. For that see the other applications.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us. To generate our quotation as precisely as possible please add information regarding the application area with the environmental impacts.

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