Regarding our product portfolio we can not only deliver lubricants for nearly every application area but also a variety of lubricants which have received a certificate by a well-known machinery manufacturer.

For example the innovative KnittTex–knitting oils have established their reputation on the market - not least because they are especially developed for the use with Groz-Beckert-circular knitting needles. These oils have an excellent lubrication effect besides a very good washability at the same time.

Further the ALGERNON HIGH SPEED 18 is especially developed fort he application in spindle bearings of machine-tools and textile machinery of Rieter.

The focus of our lubrication range is on textile machinery of the brands Artos, Krantz, Stentex, Famatex, Babcock (BTM), Hacoba, Haas and Franz Müller. For these brands the original manufacturer Interspare GmbH produces complete new finishing plants, offers machine optimizations, the service as well as spare parts.

Please do not hesitate contacting us. We provide the corresponding certificate for your machine as soon as possible.



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